Corn Maze Design For 2018 Is Here!

With “Bees” as the theme for this year, we’re happy to announce the design choice of the 2018 corn maze!


We really wanted to focus on the hard work these fantastic creatures do in order to keep the plants and trees on our orchard pollinated, but also that we’re able to share in the fruits of their labor with delicious raw honey that you can purchase directly from the farm!


Thousands upon thousands female worker bees go out to collect pollen and nectar to feed themselves and the brood of young bees to help the cycle turn. Through that process, honey is made from the nectar inside the honeycomb, which we’re able to harvest each year, making sure they have enough to feed themselves over the winter.


So next time you see a honey bee, let’s try to remember all of the profound work they do in order to keep all of our plants thriving and bringing us delicious and healthy honey to the table!

So how do we go from a theme to a fully-grown corn maze?


After we make the design for the maze to fit within the dimensions of our corn field, a blueprint is created and then we go out into the field while the corn is just beginning to grow so we can easily make the walking paths from the design. As time goes on, the corn we want to keep growing shoots way on up, allowing the labyrinth to be realized.


Here’s a video of our owner, Ray working off the blueprint and walking the field to ensure the path of the maze is ready for the fall!